Molotow Brass Orkestar


Explosive as a Molotov cocktail, or invigorating as its contents, if you prefer to use it to fight your dry throat rather than some old Soviet tanks - that is how Molotow Brass Orkestar sounds.

The six-piece band from Berne, Switzerland plays a unique style based on ska, klezmer and eastern European gipsy music. The six musicians, all of them with a degree for classical music, play with an amazing precision that somehow they must have taken away from an old Swiss watch-maker living nearby. An incredible energy and irresistible vitality make the mix perfect.

Fresh and fun without losing their traditional roots, Molotow Brass Orkestar bring their love of the folk music of Switzerland and Eastern Europe to every audience.


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Gregor Krtschek - trumpet
Stephan Fröhlicher - trumpet
Jan Müller - bass trumpet, alphorn
Reimar Walthert - bass trumpet
Tobias Zwyer - tuba, accordion
Dustin Persson - drums

Once upon a time...


With virtuosity und precision, the Molotow Brass Orkestar from Bern, Switzerland manages to create party vibes as soon as they get on stage. The six conservatory-trained musicians, five brass players driven by their power-girl on the drums , play traditional music from the Balkans, which they mix with Swiss folk melodies. But more and more, the band integrates their own original music in their repertoire. Today, the Molotow Brass Orkestar rocks even more than it did at the beginning.

The band’s history starts in 2007 at the music university (Hochschule der Künste) in Bern, Switzerland. The six music students had in common the wish to break out of  classical concert routines and soon formed the Molotow line-up, which has hardly changed since then. Tenorhorns were replaced by basstrumpets, and the more brilliant-sounding trumpets took the parts where flugelhorns had been used historically. The group’s sound has adapted to the rock influence which comes from the members own musical creations.

What started fast and furious, still develops and grows. Over the years, the Molotow Brass Orkestar has played at such prestigious places as the Durham Streets Summer Festival (GB), Spettacolo Brunnen, Lucerne Festival, European Brass Band Championships, Fêtes de Genève (all CH), Stadtspektakel Landshut (D), Stramu Würzburg (D), has rocked the crowds in the most important clubs in Switzerland and has played at countless private events in all possible and impossible places, such as  bars, villas, restaurants, cellars and storehouses.

The band is part of the soundtrack of three movies and our music is played by radiostations on three continents.

The first album „Molotow Brass Orkestar“ was released in 2010. Mostly filled with traditional songs, the band changed its direction to self-composed music on its second record „Asoguet“ in 2012. This development is even more evident on the actual album „Schaubeschad!“, which has almost only original music on it. The band’s eight years of experience is obvious on this new disc, which was recorded, mixed and mastered at Trixx Studios in Berlin, Germany in 2014.

August 2018
01. 1. Augustfeier Laupen, ab 18h
11. Privatanlass Holzhäusern

September 2018
01. Stiftung Bubenberg, Spiez 19.15h
07. CD Taufe Villa Bunterhund - ONO Club,Bern, 20h
08. Beizlifest Niedergösgen, 15h-19h
08. Privatanlass, Burgdorf, 20h
29. Privatanlass, Gränichen

October 2018
19. Diplomfeier, Kongresshaus Biel, 15h
24. Theater Uri, Altdorf, 20h

December 2018
12. Firmenanlass, Zürich

May 2019
17. Konzert mit BB Ibach & Gurtnellen, Gurtnellen, 20h
18. Konzert mit BB Ibach und Gurtnellen, Schwyz, 20h
19. Konzert mit BB Ibach und Gurtnellen, Schwyz, 20h

September 2019
21. eidg. Jugendmusikfest, Burgdorf

October 2019
25. Diplomfeier, Kongresshaus Biel, 15h

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